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The Body Shop Fitness
Strive for progress not perfection

Meet our Team

Tara Terry

Tara has been a part of the fitness industry since 2005 and with our TBS family since 2013.

Tara enjoys encouraging individuals through their fitness journey and pushing them outside their “comfort zone”.

Tara is a firm believer in balance. Healthy living and desserts can co-exist through moderation not deprivation.

Tara teaches a variety of classes at TBS which include TRX, Body X, Butts and Guts, Aqua Fitness and many more. She can do it all!






Michelle Deleon

Michelle, like all of our other team members started out as a client. Not long into her journey at TBS she realized that she wanted to one day be a trainer. We are so glad she did!

Michelle may be more quiet than most but her workouts speak volumes. She loves to help people reach their goals and share her experiences.


Danielle Ewert

Danielle started out as a TBS client and not to long into her journey I knew she was meant to teach.

Danielle has a sassy creative side that is unbelievable.


At TBS we love to bring in different trainers to share with us their passion for what they teach. TBS offers ” pop up ” classes to keep fitness fun and fresh. Every trainer offers a different style, personality and flair. Pop up classes are in addition to our regular schedule.

We would love to meet you and have you try a class for FREE!



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